Detroit Pastor Keon Allison Says He Shot and Killed Deante Smith In Self-Defense, Denies Impregnating Smith’s Wife

Pastor Keon Allison.

Keon Allison says he shot Deante Smith to death in self-defense when the man came to confront him about an alleged affair. Just a few weeks earlier, the pastor denied it all in a fiery sermon.

A pistol-packing preacher who allegedly shot and killed another man in Detroit this month gave a sermon weeks before where he denied fathering a love child with the man’s wife.“I got saved 15 years ago. Been with one woman,” Keon Allison shouted, taking off his vest while hopping around his empty stage. “One woman, that’s all. Ain’t no two women.”

“You’ve got to live a clean life,” he added while dancing. “You’ve got to clean it up. If you’re married, stay with your spouse. You can’t have these other girlfriends. You’ve got to clean it up, because when the devil comes at your house, you’re gonna have to have some integrity to say, ‘I ain’t running, I ain’t going nowhere, because I ain’t did nothing.’”

The video was uploaded Sept. 24, but only discovered by the Christian Post on Wednesday.

Deante Smith, 25, was shot when he entered Allison’s Church of God church and allegedly confronted the pastor with a brick. Smith was reportedly there to confront Allison about an affair he was allegedly carrying out with his wife.

Allison was arrested but then released. No charges have been filed against him yet.

“Don’t get it twisted, this ain’t pastor’s thing, this is Jesus’ thing, and I’m just serving Him. And I just got a made up mind,” Allison proclaimed. “I said, ‘I’m gonna be this thing for real.’ Ain’t gonna be no funny business with me.”

“Have you ever had your name smeared?” he asked his half-empty storefront church in a Sept. 20 sermon. “This is not mud, this is manure.”

The devil, Allison said, keeps looking and waiting for when you’re weakened to strike.

After asking his few congregants whether they’ve ever been lied about, he told them that they “could deal with it if it was the truth.”

“Somebody told bad things that you did, and you weren’t as upset because you did it,” Allison said. “But when they lied on you … you was on fiiiiire. Shut the press, stop the noise, Lord make the hurt stop.”

SOURCE: The Daily Beast
Katie Zavadski