Hostages Freed in Iraq Raid Recount Harrowing Experience in ISIS Captivity


Their ISIS captors whipped their feet until they couldn’t walk, smashed their teeth, suffocated them with plastic bags and jolted them again and again with electric shocks.

Like many of their fellow prisoners, they expected sooner or later to be taken outside and shot.

But these Iraqi men were saved from their brutal captivity by a daring raid by U.S., Kurdish and Iraqi forces last week.

The mission freed around 70 hostages in danger of imminent execution, according to U.S. officials. But it cost the life of the first American soldier to be killed in Iraq since 2011.

In a video released by the Kurdistan Regional Government, some of the hostages recount their harrowing experience at the ISIS-controlled prison in the northern Iraqi district of Hawija and express gratitude to their rescuers.

Here are some of their stories in their own words:

Mohammed Hassan Abdullah
“They tortured us in various ways, including electric shocks and plastic bags until loss of consciousness. Then more electric shocks were used,” says Abdullah, who was once part of the police force in Hawija. Around two to four hostages were executed every day, he remembers.

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SOURCE: CNN, Jethro Mullen