Some Black Opal Customers Outraged Over Claims That the Beauty Brand Was Never Just for Black Women

Black Opal Batang

A shady debate is brewing between Black Opal and many of their loyal customers.

If you’ve been following the brand’s Facebook pages, you may know that they’ve been taking some heat for their beauty campaign, which launched last fall, which declared ‘Beauty comes in ALL shades, and Black Opal is for EVERY shade of beauty!”

While the ads featured multiple different shades of women, the one being shared most often on their social networks, it seemed, was an image of a white woman. Accompanying the image were the hashtags #defystereotypes and #iDefineMyBeauty.


Naturally, since most of us associate Black Opal with Black women, customers were deeply hurt at the implication that one of their most beloved brands was abandoning the customer base it was built on.

And they weren’t afraid to express it. On Black Opal’s social media pages, women began expressing their concerns, but the brand reportedly removed many of the comments.

Clutch Magazine was able to capture a few of the comments, however.

“This must not be black owned or black women centered,” one user commented. “I thought Black Opal was geared more towards the women of color,” another user posted. Black Opal responded by saying that they never claimed to be black owned or exclusively marketed to women of color, but rather for every shade of beauty.

Black Opal responded to the controversy describing their brand’s evolution. They wrote:

Although originally founded in the United States to address skin issues for African Americans, with the evolving US landscape and its global expansion into more culturally diverse markets, Black Opal now provides beauty solutions for a wide array of ethnicities, cultures and multihued skins of color. 

Today we are are a brand for every shade of beauty and as our founder, Carol Mouyiaris stated in the 1995 article below “We are not exclusive.”

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SOURCE: Black America Web – Keyaira Kelly