Pennsylvania Justice Officials, Including Supreme Court Judge, in Hot Water After ‘Deviant, Misogynist’, Sexist, Racist E-mails Come to Light


Hundreds of emails circulated between officials included sexist, racist, violent jokes and nude photos of women.

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice sent and received hundreds of emails containing racist, pornographic, and misogynistic material in correspondence with public officials.

Justice J. Michael Eakin used a private email account with the pseudonym “John Smith” to communicate with state and federal officials, including prosecutors, judges, and attorneys. One email from Eakin among many obtained by The Daily Beast suggests a battered wife treat her wounds by “keeping her mouth shut.”

An email Eakin received from defense attorney Terry McGowan links to a video titled “Craziest White Man,” which shows a man picking up Latino day-laborers, who he then takes to immigration services. Afterward, the man in the video comments on the need to “cull the herd, make sure they don’t overpopulate.”

Another email from Eakin contains a joke about a man using a Taser to rape a woman.

Other government employees sent similarly lurid or offensive messages to Eakin and others in the email chain. Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Baxter sent several emails mocking African Americans and President Obama.

Much of the correspondence was received by prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Harrisburg as well as by various county Common Pleas Court judges and district attorneys. It included a set of “motivational posters,” which feature a woman mock-fellating a beer bottle above the slogan, “True Love: Sometimes you know it the instant you see it across the bar” and one of a topless woman which reads: “Dear Abby: I’m an 18 year old girl from Arkansas and I’m still a virgin. Do you think my brothers are gay?”

McGowan, Eakin, and Baxter also shared jokes at the expense of Muslims, black students, and women. Several pictures depict women as animals: one with deer antlers, one naked and on all-fours, costumed like a pig (“How do you know your house is infected with swine-flu?”).

One joke sent by McGowan describes a teenage Middle Eastern suicide bomber, and a mother who laments “They blow up so fast, don’t they?”

In one email, Baxter asks Judge Eakin to slap Eakin’s staffer’s ass during a holiday party, and “let [him] know how it was.”

Another, received by a Dauphin County judge and two district attorneys, jokes about Home Alone’s Kevin being molested by Jerry Sandusky, who was charged with over 30 counts of child sexual abuse in Dauphin County about six weeks before the email was sent.

The Daily Beast obtained the emails on Friday after they were first acquired by Attorney General Kathleen Kane during an investigation into why it took so long to indict Sandusky, the Pennsylvania State University football coach, for child abuse.

Kane has vowed to expose what she says is a deviant and misogynist “network” of judges, federal prosecutors, attorneys general, law enforcement, district attorneys, and public defenders who share smut on the taxpayer’s dime. She said the email account linked to Justice Michael Eakin contained “racial, misogynistic pornography” and a joke about a woman who was beaten by her husband.

Eakin apologized for the content of those emails last week, saying he was disturbed by the idea that someone would be examining such dated, private correspondence.

A heavily redacted release by Kane last year cost five state officials their jobs, including a member of former Governor Tom Corbett’s cabinet, and Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery.

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SOURCE: Kenneth Lipp 
The Daily Beast