Leaked Screenshots Purportedly Show Apple Music App for Android


Apple Music is off to a good start, with 15 million subscribers according to Tim Cook. In time, though, Apple may want to expand the service’s reach, and if recent rumors are any indication, the company may be working to do just that.

The German-language tech site MobileGeeks (via SlashGear) published screenshots that show what appears to be a version of Apple Music for Android devices. The screens show various sections of the app, such as the New and For You screens, as well as Beats One streaming radio. The app by and large looks like the iOS version, but it integrates some Android design conventions, such as the Hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

Apple Music on Android is intriguing, but don’t get too excited just yet. First, screenshots can be easily faked in an image editing app like Photoshop, and even if Apple is toying around with an Apple Music app for Android, that doesn’t necessarily mean such an app will ever see the light of day. Still, you can’t discount this rumor entirely.

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