WATCH: Dr. Earl Carter Releases Another Video Explaining that the Targets of His Message Are Homosexual Preachers In the Pulpit and Not the World; Also Claims Bishop Charles Blake Molested a Boy

Dr. Earl Carter
Dr. Earl Carter

Dr Earl Carter “When Wrong is called Right!
Dr Earl Carter Explains that the targets of his message is the Homosexual Preachers in the Pulpit and Churches not so much the World. Dr Earl Carter Teaches on the Spiritual and Natural Results of Homosexual Activity. WARNING: HEAVY EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT IN PARTS OF THIS VIDEO.

Dr Earl Carter – Exposes Bishop Blake
Dr Earl Carter exposes COGIC Leadership Corruption
Bishop Blake and Bishop Brooks

Dr. Earl William Carter, Sr. was born March 30, 1950 to George and Dorothy Carter, in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. He was the third child of five boys and one girl. Being a victim of a broken home, Dr. Carter and his brothers were thrust into a life of crime at an early age, which resulted in multiple arrests.

Dr. Carter received salvation in 1966 and the Lord did a quick work. He was led to Bishop O. T. Jones, Ph.D. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was ordained by the Church Of God In Christ in 1969. Dr. Carter has traveled over 40 years as both a National and International Evangelist in the Church Of God In Christ since that time.

Dr. Carter is married to his lovely wife, Beverly and refers to her as “my Queen of the Nile”. They have five beautiful children and four adorable grandchildren.

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