Texas Police Officers Give Father 3 Car Seats for His Children Instead of Tickets


Cedar Park, Texas police know what’s good. Texas news station KVUE reports that instead of giving one father a grip of tickets, cops purchased three car seats for his children instead.

The feel-good story went as follows: An officer pulled over the father’s truck for “expired registration and malfunctioning light.” Officer Justin Gower noticed as he was speaking with the man, three children sitting sans car seat in the back.

According to KVUE, the officer said, “Giving him three tickets, it wasn’t going to do any good.”

Officer Gower called in another officer, Cale Hawkins, to help him make the judgment call. While Gower stayed and talked to the father, Hawkins purchased three pink car seats using money the two officers had pooled from their own pockets. Additional officers threw down their hard-earned dollars as well.

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SOURCE: E! Online, Dominique Haikel