Is Under Attack due to Our Stand for Traditional Marriage and Against Homosexual Marriage as well as Other Issues – Here Is How Bible-Believing Christians Can Stand With Us

Just as many Christians have suffered since the government has sanctioned homosexuality and homosexual marriage in this country, and its sister sites under our parent company, GLM Omnimedia Group LLC, have suffered a great deal as well. Like other Christian organizations and individuals who have stood for traditional marriage and against the sin of homosexuality and homosexual marriage and the onslaught of the homosexual agenda, in addition to being tracked and monitored by major organizations, government and otherwise (which we do not wish to name here), we have lost hundreds of dollars in advertising revenue. Our sites are constantly threatened to be hacked into and taken down from the internet altogether. Additionally, we have strangely had problems with our website hosting company, Bluehost, in protecting the sites from outside forces and keeping our sites up as our sites were down again last night for no apparent reason. We chose Bluehost because they were recommended by the popular author, Michael Hyatt, on his website. As we have told them in numerous emails, when we started running articles that were pro-traditional marriage and against homosexual marriage, we started having problems with our websites going down. (We thought this was very strange because we have always paid our bill on time.)

Again, not only have we suffered because we stand for traditional marriage and against the sin of homosexual marriage and the homosexual agenda, but we have also taken strong stands against other issues such as black Christians marching under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and black Christians getting caught up with the Black Lives Matter movement when, as Christians, we believe all lives matter including black lives. No one loves being black and helping black people more than the president of GLM Omnimedia Group, and he has suffered a great deal of racism down through the years, even from white Christians. He believes that, as Christians, we should say all lives matter and that includes all black lives.

With that said, if goes down in the future for any reason, please visit: BCNN1 WordPress or BCNN1 Tumblr. If you appreciate what we do here at and with the other sites in our network, please consider standing with us and supporting us in the following ways:

1. “Brethren, pray for us.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:25

2. If every person who comes to this site on a daily basis would purchase just one of our books from the Gospel Light Bookstore, we would have all the money we need to support the BCNN1 Network through the end of the year. We are asking all of our friends to purchase a digital copy of the books available on the Gospel Light Bookstore. Each book is $10 and can be downloaded immediately after purchase from Along with helping us to stand against sin and evil in our society, when you purchase these books, you are helping us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands of people around the world in over 100 languages.


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We are not going to quit or compromise just because we are being harassed, monitored, or because our advertising revenue is going down. Rather, we are going to stand for truth and show that the solution to all of these problems is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.3. We are asking Christians and Christian-owned companies of all races who believe like we believe and who stand for the same things we stand for, to advertise with us. You can advertise any product, book, music, or event that you think would benefit our audience. Our advertising rates can be viewed here: