Upcoming Episode of “Empire” Focuses on Andre Lyon’s Baptism, Repentance for Past Sins


In the upcoming episode of FOX’s “Empire,” the once villainous Andre Lyon is gearing up for his baptism and is working on repenting of his sins.

In season 1 of the hit show, the eldest son of the Lyon clan struggled with a bipolar disorder that led him to pit his two younger brothers against one another and bury the body of his uncle, Vernon, whom his wife accidentally killed.

In the upcoming fifth episode of the second season, Andre is looking for redemption and confesses some of his sins to the two brothers who he once plotted to have kill one another.

“I wanted Empire so bad that I was prepared to let you two kill each other so I’d be the only one left,” Andre reveals to his younger brothers, Hakeem and Jamal.

While his brothers seem visibly upset, Andre invites them to be a part of his spiritual growth.

“I’m getting baptized this Sunday and I’d appreciate it if you both would come,” Andre tells his brothers in the episode titled, “Be True.”

In another clip of the show, Andre even tries to confess his sins to his mother, Cookie, when he says “I’m not a good person, mom. I’ve done horrible things.”

Cookie empathizes with her son by admitting that she has done some terrible things herself before telling him, “God knows your heart.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos