Tennessee County Votes Overwhelmingly Against Raising Confederate Flag


A Tennessee county voted overwhelmingly Monday night against a plan by one commissioner to raise the Confederate flag above the county’s courthouse.

The Greene County Commission voted 20-1 against the controversial resolution, NBC station WBIR reported. The proposal suggested that the flag is a storied part of Tennessee history.

Ironically, however, historians say the county was actually a bastion of pro-Union support during the Civil War.

The proposal was sponsored by Commissioner James Randolph, who claimed that the flag is crucial to remembering the history of Greene County.

“Greene County recognizes and remembers those who fought for the South … These Tennesseans’ fought for what they believed to be right,” the proposal reads. “These efforts of these men to persevere must not be forgotten and the Confederate Flag represents that heritage and history that our County should be proud of.”

But according to Dr. Carroll Van West, Tennessee State Historian and Director of the MTSU Center for Historic Preservation, Greene County was predominantly Unionist during the Civil War.

The county was also the home to former President Andrew Johnson, a then Southern senator who remained loyal to the Union.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Jacquellena Carrero