Police Believe Arizona Father ‘Deliberately’ Killed Wife, Kids, and Himself by Driving SUV Into Lake

Danica Baxter's grandfather, George Britt, said Glenn Baxter had anger issues. The couple wasn't living together, he told CNN affiliate KTVK.
Danica Baxter’s grandfather, George Britt, said Glenn Baxter had anger issues. The couple wasn’t living together, he told CNN affiliate KTVK.

An Arizona man killed himself and his entire family when he deliberately drove into a lake after meeting with his estranged wife and three young children to talk about the kids, officials said.

Surveillance footage captured the final moments of the family of five. Video allegedly shows Glenn Baxter, 27, driving his SUV to Tempe Town Lake before speeding toward the body of water with his wife, Danica Baxter, 25, and their three children— all under four years old— inside at about 12:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Investigators have labeled the incident a murder-suicide, Tempe Police said.

“You’re gonna see him back the vehicle up and drive it at a high rate of speed towards the lake down the sidewalk, making an abrupt left turn towards the lake,” said Lt. Mike Pooley with Tempe Police, who described the video to reporters at a press conference and said that Glenn Baxter got out of his SUV and walked to the lake before he drove into the water.

Danica’s aunt, Tamika Franklin, watched the surveillance footage for clues of what happened and told INSIDE EDITION she did not believe Danica was conscious when her estranged husband aimed for the lake.

“I’m trying to figure out how he parked the truck and was walking along the lake and there was no movement at the car,” Franklin said to IE. “I’m thinking my niece was unconscious already. I just can’t see my niece not trying to get out of there.”

Two witnesses dove into the lake to follow Baxter’s silver Nissan Armada and pulled out Danica from the SUV, which had flipped over before landing in the water, Pooley said.

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Source: Inside Edition | Caitlin Nolan