What $50 of Weight-Loss Groceries Looks Like


It’s a common indictment against healthy foods: They cost too much. It’s too expensive to eat healthy. In fact, a report out of the University of Washington found that healthy foods cost 10 times as much as junk foods.

But here’s the problem: The study factored cost in terms of “calories.” But your body doesn’t want calories—it wants nutrients. In actual numbers, the study found that you’d pay $3.52 for 2,000 calories of nutritionally bankrupt boxed foods, but $36.32 for 2,000 calories of wholesome grub. That makes the bad stuff sound like a bargain, but remember: The $3.52 foods will make you gain weight and put you at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. That won’t seem like such a bargain when you see your health care bill.

Another flaw of the study: The shoppers weren’t instructed to bargain shop for their healthy foods. Had they known what foods to buy—those that deliver fat nutritional packages with the leanest possible price tags—they would have fared far better. And that’s what we’ve done here—prepared a $50 cart (well, $51.52 to be precise!) that will load your diet with days’ worth of protein-, fiber-, and antioxidant-charged meals. In other words, a true bargain.

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Source: Eat This, Not That!