YouTube Gaming Adds Mobile Streaming


Slowly but surely, YouTube is building a serious Twitch competitor. With YouTube Gaming, you can live stream and watch your favorite streamers play video games. Launched in August, YouTube just announced a first major update.

First, you can now directly stream from your mobile phone using Mobile Capture on Android. I’m not sure why you would watch someone playing Candy Crush, but Hearthstone streamers might like this feature. It works pretty well as it uses your selfie camera to capture your face and put it in a corner of your stream while you play.

Like Twitch’s partnership program, you can pay a monthly Sponsorship subscription to support your favorite streamers, get a special badge and more. It costs $3.99 compared to $4.99 for Twitch. Twitch currently has 12,000 partners out of its 1.7 million broadcasters in its partnership program while YouTube is just starting. All streamers can also enable tips on Twitch via third-party apps.

This is different from Twitch Turbo, another subscription that lets you remove advertisements across the site. Similarly, YouTube Gaming sponsorships don’t remove advertisements.

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SOURCE: TechCrunch, Romain Dillet