Is the Media the Primary Cause Behind Mass Shootings?

Shane Idleman
Shane Idleman

The unavoidable truth is that many are becoming desensitized by movie sensations that are depicting ungodly themes such as witchcraft, the occult, extreme violence, perverted sex, and so on. Violent and perverse video games offer the same destructive pattern. Ironically, this headline appeared in the news in 2013: Navy Yard Shooter “Obsessed with Violent Video Games.”

Our sex-saturated culture will continue to pervert with the ultimate goal of destroying.

Ariel Castro, who was exposed in 2013 for kidnapping three women and holding them for ten years, admitted that a deep addiction to pornography fed his perversion. He eventually committed suicide in prison. His idol promised pleasure but brought death and destruction.

For anyone to assume that there isn’t a pattern here is either naive, or grossly out of touch with the culture. The greatest battle we will ever fight is within. Even secular psychologists recognize that our mind is where the battle is either won or lost: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” (Proverbs 3:27).

Ironically, many of the shooters were on powerful anti-depressant drugs.

I asked my mother for feedback and as one who has studied the breakdown of the culture.

She noted, “The older generation has seen the slow digression from standards of excellence in movie making to movies that distort and destroy, and are far removed from themes of integrity. Fifty years ago these types of programs were recognized as wrong. Although we might watch them, few of us would dare attempt to justify them.”

Some believe that the media reflects society more than it influences it, and that we should strengthen the listener rather than silence the messenger, but this thinking is flawed. The media both reflects and influences.

There is also very troubling trend toward moral compromise in the Evangelical church. I’ve witnessed soft porn images on Christian websites, questionable movie clips during PowerPoint sermons, and youth pastors talk about their favorite sexually charged TV show or movie with the youth, all under the guise of “relating” to the culture.

God is in the background while pleasure and self-focus are in the foreground. Granted, we are called to be missional (serving and helping those within our community), but not at the expense of compromising the gospel. God wants us to reach out to our community, but not if we fall when we reach.

Society’s negative influence should call us to an uncompromising stand against this influence. In times past, the hero was the father, not rock stars. The greatest influence was the mother, not Hollywood. Kids once quoted Scriptures; now they’re casting spells. What a sad commentary on the state of the family and the church today.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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