Congo-Born Pennsylvania High School Soccer Player, Emmanuel Hilton, Born Without Lower Legs, Inspires Teammates

Emmanuel Hilton defending the goal  WPXI
Emmanuel Hilton defending the goal

Emmanuel Hilton is a 17-year-old soccer goalie at Blackhawk High School in Chippewa, Pa.

Emmanuel, however, was born without his lower legs. Despite this, the bright young man, who was adopted from an orphanage in the Republic of Congo, continues to kill the game as a backup goalkeeper for his school’s junior varsity team, WPXI reports.

“I watched so many games, people playing soccer, and I said, ‘Someday I can play soccer,’” the tenacious teen told the news station.

Emmanuel was left behind by his birth mother because of his disability. His grandmother took care of him, but he was eventually placed in an orphanage.

“My real mom—[when] I was born—they throw me on the road. They didn’t like me because I was handicapped. They didn’t want to care for me. It was too much trouble,” he told the news station. “I couldn’t go to school. Every school didn’t like me because I was handicapped.”

However, someone saw potential in the hardworking boy. Michelle Hilton saw his picture in a church newsletter about five years ago and was determined to help him.

“He just looked joyful, and that stuck with me. He was in my mind. I couldn’t forget it,” she said.

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Source: The Root | BREANNA EDWARDS