5 Israelis Stabbed in Jerusalem


Five Israelis have been stabbed in Jerusalem – the latest in a series of recent stabbings by Palestinians.

In the latest attack, an Israeli soldier was wounded after being stabbed on board a bus. The attacker was shot dead and one civilian was injured.

Two youths were stabbed earlier at a settlement in East Jerusalem, leaving one of the victims, a 13-year-old boy, in a critical condition.

Two Israeli policemen were also wounded in separate attacks.

Four Israelis and dozens of Palestinians, including several assailants, have been killed in the recent upsurge of violence.

In the fifth attack on Monday, a man described by Israeli police as Arab stabbed an Israeli soldier on board a bus after trying to seize his gun. A civilian was also injured before the attacker was shot dead.

The day’s attacks began when an Arab man stabbed a policeman in the Old City after being stopped when he was seen acting suspiciously, police said. The officer was saved from injury because he was wearing a protective vest. His attacker was shot dead by police.

It occurred near the Lions’ Gate, the scene of several other previous stabbings.

Later, an Arab woman stabbed a policeman near police headquarters in the Ammunition Hill area of East Jerusalem, police said. The policeman, who was lightly wounded, managed to shoot and injure the attacker.

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