Missouri Pastor Arrested for Stealing $21,000 from Church In Order to Keep His Mistress Quiet

Ralph Sawyer confessed to stealing $21,000 from the church where he pastors in order to keep his mistress quiet.

A pastor at Lindsay Lane Missionary Baptist Church in Florissant was arrested after he admitted to allegedly stealing $21,000 from his church to keep his mistress quiet.

Pastor Ralph Sawyer has been charged with one felony count of stealing more than $500. Investigators say he was issued an ATM card that allowed him to access the church’s operating account in order to pay church expenses, but was not allowed to make any withdrawals from the account.

The church’s treasurer noticed the missing funds from the savings account and an investigation began. It was discovered that Sawyer made 24 withdrawals in June and another 11 in July. The money was taken from an ATM near the church.

Sawyer says the affair began in March with a 20-year-old woman. As the relationship evolved, she began asking him for money. At first, Sawyer says he only gave her his own money, but eventually started using the church’s money as well. He says the money was used to keep her quiet once she learned he was a married, church pastor.

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Adam McDonald