John Hagee Says He Was Once Shot at Several Times While Preaching, But Was Saved by ‘the Angel of God’

(PHOTO: SCREENGRAB) Cornerstone Church pastor John Hagee appears in an Oct. 5, 2015, broadcast of James and Betty Robison's "Life Today" television program.
Cornerstone Church pastor John Hagee appears in an Oct. 5, 2015, broadcast of James and Betty Robison’s “Life Today” television program.

Megachurch Pastor, Author of ‘Four Blood Moons’ and ‘Three Heavens’ Books, Recounts ‘Demonic’ Encounter

John Hagee, megachurch pastor and best-selling author, recently recounted a near-death experience that he believes was satanically inspired and thwarted by “the angel of God.”


Hagee, known more recently for his Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change best-selling book, recently appeared on televangelists James and Betty Robison’s “Life Today” show to promote his newest book, The Three Heavens: Angels, Demons and What Lies Ahead.

In The Three Heavens, Hagee uses the Bible, science and “incredible true stories of the supernatural” to explore what he believes is the First Heaven. “He then exposes Satan’s diabolical tactics in the Second Heaven and how they affect each one of us. Finally, he looks at the deep riches of the Third Heaven and how our hope of that eternal home changes our life on earth,” according to the publisher’s description of the book.

In a Monday broadcast of Robison’s program, Hagee shared his own supernatural experience.

The Cornerstone Church pastor recounted a near-fatal experience he had over 40 years ago in which a man, who he did not name but inferred was inspired by Satan, shot at him several times while he was delivering a sermon at church.

Ironically, Hagee was teaching his congregation about demonology.

This is what Hagee told the Robisons on their “Life Today” television show:

December 1971, I started to teach my congregation about the biblical position of demonology because I was raised in a denomination that did not believe it, and said they certainly couldn’t belong to our denomination, although the devil was sitting probably on every pew. …

And it was in the second series on a Wednesday night. As I’m teaching a man walks in the front door with a loaded gun in his hand; and he walks up the aisle and he roars like a lion. My people thought it was an illustrated sermon because I talked about Jesus, the demon’s coming out with a loud roar. And they thought, boy, the preacher is really going all out.

So about that time he started using language that sounded like a pup tent full of Marine Corps drill sergeants and they knew this was not an illustrated sermon. He walked to the front of the church and he’s standing about eight feet from me.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Nicola Menzie