Os Guinness Preaches at Saddleback Church on the Real Meaning of “Calling”

SCREENSHOT Social critic Os Guinness preaching at the Saddleback church.
Social critic Os Guinness preaching at the Saddleback church.

Prominent English social critic and author Os Guinness preached at Pastor Rick Warren’s Saddleback church in California on Sunday, explaining to the congregation the real meaning of the word “calling” and how it applies in the life of each Christian.

Meaning, purpose and identity are things that everybody needs and yet there is a great deal of confusion about what they mean, said Guinness, author of the Global Charter of Conscience, launched at the European Parliament in Brussels in June 2012.

There is confusion also in the United States, he suggested, calling it a “cut-flower civilization.” Our ideas were rooted in the Scriptures, Jewish and Christian ideals, he said. “But in the last generation, they’ve cut them. So the flower still looks beautiful, but in many parts of the country, they are dying.”

There are three major families of faith, he said. The eastern, which includes Hinduism, Buddhism and the New Age Movement; the secularist, which includes atheists, agnostics, materialists and naturalists; and the biblical, which comprises primarily Judaism and the Christian faith.

Eastern philosophies, which are based on their view of impersonal gods, say only two words about purpose, Guinness explained. And that is, “Forget it.”

Secularists answer the question of purpose in three words, he added. “Do it yourself.” You cannot discover the purpose and meaning of life in secularism; you have to find it yourself, Guinness explained. Everything in their philosophy comes from the concept of chance.

Biblical worldview, on the other hand, says you can discover purpose through creation and calling, he told the congregation.

Creation means we are created in the image of God, we are all created uniquely and we should be who we are. And calling takes us even further, encouraging us to become who we could become.

It is “the deepest sense of purpose the world has ever seen,” Guinness added.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Anugrah Kumar