10 Tips for a High Tech Homeschool


We all want our kids to be prepared for their future, so helping them become tech savvy is critical. But, how do you involve more technology in your homeschooling day without compromising learning? Get the most from high tech homeschooling with these tech inspired learning tips and tools that go beyond online games and classes. You’ll be happy as you see them grow and they’ll be having too much fun to realize how much their learning and how much these new interests and skill can help them in the future!

1. Learn Out Loud: Download podcasts or listen to interviews to show your children real world application of what they’re learning. For older learners, check out this list of over 50 universities who offer free podcasts on many different subjects. For history lovers, you’ll love this series of historical podcasts.

2. Become a Web Designer: Even young students will love creating a free website showcasing what their learning at Hubpages.com, or they can create their own free blog with Blogger.

3. Watch and Learn: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the good old internet are filled with educational movies. Not sure where to start or what is safe? Here’s a list of 20 free educational video sites that are safe for kids.

4. Story Time: If you have a homeschooler that struggles with reading but loves stories, consider letting them listen to classic literature online for free here. Younger learners will love listening to these classic stories.

5. Fun with Maps: Use your GPS to study physical geography. Research different aspects of physical geography, observe geological features, and analyze natural resources all by studying satellite images on your GPS! You can take it further with Google Earth and learn about map-making, space, navigation, and more. Or get involved in the fun of Geocaching where you can hunt for buried treasure from just about anywhere! Just plug in your location here and hide and seek a cache.

6. Online Field Trips: Who needs to leave home when you can study any location from your living room? Take a trip anywhere in the world, Explore how chocolate is made by Hershey, or take a virtual tour of the Louvre. Online field trips bring the world to you!

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Source: Crosswalk | Kimberly Kulp, Bridgeway Academy