Powerful Typhoon Dujuan Set to Hit Taiwan’s East Coast This Monday


A strong storm is spinning across the sea toward Taiwan, bringing the threat of powerful winds and heavy rains.

Typhoon Dujuan is forecast to hit Taiwan’s east coast on Monday evening. As it churned across the sea early Monday, the storm was packing maximum sustained winds of around 230 kph (145 mph).

The current predicted track calls for the storm to pass to the south of the densely populated region surrounding Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city.

It’s expected to weaken somewhat before making landfall as the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane, according to CNN meteorologist Guy Michael. It’s also forecast to dump around 500 millimeters (20 inches) of rain on mountainous areas of central Taiwan.

Officials have issued land and sea warnings to citizens during the storm’s approach and announced plans to shut down rail services, the island’s Central News Agency reported. Some airlines have canceled or moved forward afternoon flights, it said.

Monday is a public holiday in Taiwan, so most schools and offices were scheduled to be shut. But those in northern Taiwan that had planned to open will remain closed because of the storm, the news agency said.

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SOURCE: CNN, Jethro Mullen