International Prayer Vigils Are Being Held for Pastor Saeed Abedini; Greg Laurie’s Harvest Church Joins In

Saeed Abedini
Saeed Abedini

Today marks the three-year anniversary of  Pastor Saeed Abedini’s captivity in an Iranian prison.

The Iranian government is now taking steps to extend his eight-year sentence, threatening to file new charges.

Pastor Saeed shared with his family, that he was interrogated and prision officials repeatedly attacked him with a taser.

This news comes shortly after his wife, Nagmeh Abedini, met with the U.N General Assembly and 67 members signed a letter calling for Pastor Saeed’s release.

Despite the news of his treatment, Nagmeh continues petitioning for his freedom. She is asking others to take part in an international prayer vigil to remember her husband and the persecuted Church.

“I thought… to do a prayer vigil and remember him as the Bible says to remember those who are in prison as if you are in prision with them”, Nagmeh told CBN News.

Pastor Saeed previously expressed in a letter that nothing has encouraged him more than knowing “that in my chains the body of Christ has chained together” in prayer.

There will be 810 vigils taking place in 38 countries and territories around the world. Visit to find a vigil near you.

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Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini to be released from Prison in Iran today.
by Greg Laurie

Today, I am calling on every Christian reading these words to pray for our faithful brother in Christ, Saeed Abedini. We are joining thousands of Christians around the world to remember to pray for him today and to also remember the persecuted Church. There are 810 prayer vigils in 38 countries praying for the release of Saeed Abedini from the Iranian prison he is presently being held in.

Who is Saeed Abedini?

My friend, Joel Rosenberg recently wrote this article describing this amazing man-
“Saeed was born in Iran in 1980 and raised as a Shia Muslim. In his teens, he was recruited by a Radical Muslim group to become a suicide bomber and thus a martyr for the cause of jihad. But in 2000, God had mercy on Saeed and opened his eyes to the truth of the Gospel. At the age of 20, he renounced Islam and become follower and disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.
As he grew in his faith, Saeed became active in sharing the Gospel with other Iranians, leading them to Christ, discipling them, and setting up and supporting a network of underground churches throughout Iran. Fox News has reported that “his home church movement had about 100 churches in 30 Iranian cities with more than 2,000 members.”
In time, Saeed had the opportunity to travel to the United States. There, he met and married Nagmeh, became a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen, and the couple had two children, Rebekka and Jacob. As a family, they were committed to reaching the Iranian people with the love of Christ. Several times, Saeed traveled to Iran to encourage the underground church and care for the poor and needy. But in 2012, he was arrested by the Iranian government, beaten, and sentenced to death under Sharia law for converting to Christianity — thus becoming an apostate, in the eyes of Islam — and leading others to faith in Christ.
“It [the underground church movement] was just growing so fast,” Nagmeh told Fox News. “They [Iran’s government] see the underground churches as a threat and they see Christianity as a tool from the West to undermine them. They think if the country becomes more Christian, they are no longer under Islamic authority. That’s why it’s a threat.”

Today,marks the third year since Pastor Saeed was arrested in Iran and sentenced to death.
So,we are praying for his immediate release.
The image above is a recent drawing one of Saeed’s children drew of the family that was sent to us last night from Nagmeh, who has become a friend.
Normally, their daddy would always be pictured.
But this is the first time their father Saeed was not included.
We must pray that their father is restored to them again.
So, please remember to pray for him today.

At Harvest, we are holding two prayer vigils-
One in Riverside, the other in Newport Beach.

We will meet at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside at 10:00 AM to pray.
We will also meet in Newport Beach at the Newport Beach Civic Center at 10:00 AM.
For more info, go to

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