Counterintuitive Career Advice


When it comes to career advice, you probably think you’ve heard it all: “Work hard,” “do what you love” and “take initiative.” But what if you strolled into work next week and your boss asked you to eat a ton of chocolate? What if he or she challenged you to a game of Angry Birds or suggested you take a year off to travel? It’s actually not as crazy as it sounds. New research is showing us that common beliefs about the successful workplace are changing. And no matter which way you look at it, it’s ultimately you, the employee, who is benefitting. 

You should take breaks to play with your phone: It’s true, at least in moderation. A few minutes on your own device could make you a better—and more productive—person to work with.

Take an ‘adult’ gap year: Gap years aren’t just for kids on the cusp of adulthood. Mid-lifers are also hopping on planes and leaving it all behind. And, usually, they come back happier.

Go to community college: Until now, there has been scarce research on community colleges, leading to the assumption that they’re less valuable than they really are.

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Source: USA Today | OZY editors, OZY