At Values Voter Summit, American Family Association’s Meeke Addison Gives Plea for Conservative Christians to Reach the Black Community

VVS 2015 Meeke Addison (Youtube screen grab)
VVS 2015 Meeke Addison (Youtube screen grab)

Values Voter Summit kicked off its second day with a plea for conservative Christians to reach the black community and recognition for the growing Trail Life USA scouting program. 

Meeke Addison of the American Family Association drew a standing ovation for urging the conservative movement to fight back against the Left.

“We must speak the truth more loudly because we have the truth,” Addison said from the main stage Saturday morning.

Addison and her husband, Will, oversee AFA’s radio ministry, Urban Family Talk.  The goal of Urban Family, she told the Summit, is to reach the black community, especially the black family, with a message that is built on a biblical foundation.

The “straight edge” of the Bible, she said.

Addison also challenged what she called “nominal Christians,” comparing them to the ministers who opposed Martin Luther King. Jr. King responded to their pleas for him to stop his work for equal rights with the now-famous letter he wrote while in a jail in Birmingham.

King wrote of the “appalling silence from the good people,” Addison read from the Summit stage.

Addison also joked that the United States is currently in a period of “trans,” when a man can claim to be a woman and a black woman can claim to be white.

“You can identify as anything you like…except Christian,” she said.

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Billy Davis