WATCH: Meet This 7-Foot, 440-Pound High School Lineman

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John Krahn weighs-in at more than 440-pounds and stands 7-feet tall, which would make him the biggest player in the NFL. And according to USA Today High School Sports, Krahn, who plays for ML King High School in Riverside, California, looks to have a bright future in football:

And while Krahn has always loved football, he had to wait to get started playing competitively because the youth leagues in his area all had weight restrictions. Then, when he finally did get to play in an unrestricted junior high league, he broke a teammate’s arm in his first practice when he fell on him.

According to, Krahn played in USA Football’s National Development Games in Los Angeles last summer, where a number of college coaches expressed interest, provided he lose some weight:

“We had Division I coaches on site that said they’d consider offering him if he lost some weight,” USA Football’s Jimmy Thomas told MaxPreps. “They think he could be a force at a lighter weight.”


SOURCE: USA Today – Luke Kerr-Dineen

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