These Statistics Suggest the Washington Redskins Won’t Beat the Giants Tonight

(USA TODAY Sports Images)
(USA TODAY Sports Images)

The numbers never lie, but the Washington Redskins hope they do or else the giddiness that accompanied the team’s win over the mediocre St. Louis Rams, coupled by implosions and injuries to each of the ‘Skins three NFC East rivals, will have lasted four days. But throw out game plans, talent, injuries, a manageable 3.5-point spread, the outlier statistics from Weeks 1 and 2 and all that other garbage to focus on some more valid stats. And those, listed below, do not look good for the burgundy and gold.

1. Washington is 1-6 in its last seven visits to New York.

2. Washington is 3-11 in its last 14 visits to New York.

3. Washington is 8-19 in its last 27 visits to New York.

4. Washington is just 4-14 overall against the New York Giants since 2006, no matter the location.

5. Washington is 4-17 in primetime games since 2008.

6. Washington is 0-3 in last three Thursday night games.

7. Washington is 0-2 against the Giants in Thursday night games.

8. Washington is 4-10-1 in primetime games against the Giants since 1986.

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SOURCE: USA Today, For the Win

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