Public Enemy’s “Make You Blind” Featured on “The Church House” Documentary Soundtrack

Director D. Channsin Berry
Director D. Channsin Berry

Chuck D and Memphis Jelks contribute songs to the “The Church House…Sexuality in the Black Church” soundtrack. Premiere date at Rutger’s University, September 28, 2015 and film festival debut at the International Black Film Festival in Nashville, October 4, 2015Chuck D of Public Enemy is contributing two songs to the “The Church House…Sexuality in The Black Church” soundtrack including the hard hitting record “Make You Blind”. New artist Memphis Jelks is contributing the song, “HeavenOcopter”. D. Channsin Berry is no stranger to polarizing topics as evidenced in the award-winning film, “Dark Girls” and “The Black Line” Part 1, 2 and 3 which he directed and produced. “The Church House” documentary is slated to premiere September 28th in Newark, New Jersey at Rutgers University and the film festival debut will be at the International Black Film Festival in Nashville October 4th. Berry explains, “I’m happy to have Chuck D’s genius added to this poignant topic that has infected the African American culture for too long. After the Eddie Long incident I started thinking about how tragic it is that what used to be a place of refuge has become a place of confusion and mistrust because of misuse of power and influence by some men.”

The director will take the film on tour in select cities in the U.S., Europe and Africa immediately after the premiere. Berry is currently looking for a distributor. The film features interviews with ministers, preachers, bishops, church members and former church members. Topics covered include, sexism, homosexuality, and abuse of power. Berry points out that historically many black leaders in America came out of the church and aims to show that in order for African Americans to become stronger, “We need our black church back’ as a place of refuge, a place of the real word of God where we can regain our power spiritually, physically, mentally and financially.”

About the Film: Berry promises that the film is not a witch-hunt, but it is a progressive history lesson of the Black Church in America. The film specifically examines three areas: 1) The history of sex and Christianity, what does sex mean and where does it show up in the Bible; 2) The history of the black church in America; 3) The history of sex in the black church. The film credits include: Director/Producer/Writer, D. Channsin Berry; Executive Producers, D. Channsin Berry and Mark Cohen; Co-Producer/Editor, Christine Fields; Directors of Photography, Mark Cohen, Lawrence Dennis, The Griffin Brothers, Dave Mahlmann and Rodney Minor; Associate Producer, Karlton Davidson, and Lead Researcher, Pam Kay Davis; This is an Urban Winter Entertainment Production.

For more information about the film visit the Facebook page for The Church House, For media inquiries please contact Margaret Jamison, aintegritypro(at)aol(dot)com and April Rushing, april(at)rushingmedia(dot)com.

Source: PRWeb

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