John Jay High School Assistant Coach Accused of Ordering Hit on Referee Resigns

Mack Breed, Via KENS-5
Mack Breed, Via KENS-5

Mack Breed, the assistant coach from John Jay High School in San Antonio who was accused of directing two players to blindside an official during a game, has resigned, according to his attorney.

Breed was scheduled to appear Thursday morning before a meeting of the University Interscholastic League in Round Rock, Texas. According to evidence obtained by ESPN’s Outside the Lines earlier this week, Breed admitted to his school principal that he ordered the players to strike the official out of anger because, according to Breed, the official had used racist language and made a series of bad calls.

The moves come a day after the two players, 15-year-old Victor Rojas and 17-year-old Michael Moreno, were told they would be eligible to return to their school for the spring semester, the players’ lawyer told ESPN on Wednesday. The decision came after individual hearings were held by the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio.

John Barr

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