#GoEverywhere Gospel Campaign Set to Create a Global Thunderclap on September 30

(PHOTO: CV GLOBAL VIDEO SCREENCAP) Screencap of people in a Gospel message video for the #goeverywhere campaign, set to create a global Thunderclap on September 30, 2015.
Screencap of people in a Gospel message video for the #goeverywhere campaign, set to create a global Thunderclap on September 30, 2015.

An international online evangelism organization is aiming to bring together thousands of Christians on Sept. 30 to create an online “Thunderclap,” where a Gospel message video, along with further outreach, will collectively be shared at the same time through the participants’ social networks, aimed at getting the world’s attention.

“The timer is ticking down to the actual Thunderclap. The Thunderclap is what happens when the software that we use will be posting on everyone’s behalf. Everyone who signed up around the world, on their behalf there will be a post made on their Facebook timeline, or their Twitter feed, depending on what they choose,” Ian Walton, country manager for the African region, told The Christian Post in a phone interview on Wednesday.

The website for the campaign, which features a timer to Sept. 30 and shows how people can sign up and add their voice, describes:

“Imagine Christians all over the world, standing together in a single moment in time, declaring their faith. Imagine millions receiving the answer of the Gospel, transforming their lives and their worlds. Imagine you’re sending that message to a friend, a family member, or to someone you know who is looking for answers.”

A short 2-minute video, which will be shared globally on Sept. 30, depicts several people talking about the confusion and questions they face in the world, such as the ongoing rise of terrorism and other hardships that are causing many to lose hope — but declare that the answers lie in the message that Jesus Christ offers.

Walton told CP that #goeverywhere, which started on Sept. 1, is an extension of Christian Vision, a global Christian ministry that is working to reach people around the world and introduce them to Jesus.

Close to 40,000 people have signed up for the online event so far.

He explained that the video on Sept. 30 will feature a button inviting people to learn more about Christ, and if they click ‘yes,’ regional teams around the world will be ready to reach out and speak with them, and ultimately try to connect them with a local church in their area.

“We’ll be assembling a team here in Africa, and also around the world, who will be ready in real time in the 48 hours following the Thunderclap to take people’s response,” he said.

“That’s the exciting part — it’s not just a broadcast, we’re also hoping for results, and our ultimate aim is to put people back into local church,” he added.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Stoyan Zaimov

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