City Council of Hawkins, Texas, Votes to Remove “Jesus Welcomes You” Sign

© (Photo: KYTX)
© (Photo: KYTX)

A controversial sign that reads “Jesus welcomes you To Hawkins” will soon be removed.

In August, the Hawkins city attorney announced land surveys showed the sign was on private property. But Monday night, city council members told CBS19 other independent contractors surveyed the land and they all showed the sign is on public property.

“I just want to express my disappointment for what’s about to take place,” said Hawkins Mayor Will Rogers after the council returned from executive session.

Despite the mayor’s disapproval, the city council voted to remove the Jesus sign since recent land surveys showed it was on the city’s public property.

City council member Sherry Davis said it was tough decision, but it had to be done to avoid a lawsuit against the city.

“Don’t judge me. I am a Christian,” explained Davis to Monday night’s crowd. “Don’t judge me and say just because I voted against this that I’m not a Christian.”

And people like Lavonia Stone believe the council made the right decision for the city.

“It’s a piece of board with words on it,” she said. “Jesus lives in our hearts. It’s up to us to as individuals to welcome people to Hawkins.”


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Gerardo Martinez

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