Some Christians Would Rather Be Caught by ISIS Than Stand With Kim Davis

Patrina Mosley is the Young Women for America Regional Coordinator for Concerned Women for America.
Patrina Mosley is the Young Women for America Regional Coordinator for Concerned Women for America.

Don’t panic; or maybe you should. The title of this article is based on the consensus I got from an overwhelming number of Christians.

From fellow believers, the response to Kim Davis was surprisingly 50/50. Either she was a hero of the faith, courageous, and may we dare to think we ourselves would put our career on the line, much less be jailed, for our faith; or she was not a hero, she was not courageous, she doesn’t even represent the Christian faith, and I would rather be captured by ISIS than be identified as a homophobic Christian who won’t do their job.

Hyperbole, yes, but that’s essentially the point of some Christians not wanting to stand with Kim Davis — that and they really don’t believe in the First Amendment.

These are just a few examples of the backlash towards Kim Davis on social media (and not by the homosexual community or the liberal media, but from Christians)

If you’re not familiar with Kim Davis, she is the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and was jailed by a pro-homosexual judge earlier this month as a result.

I was shocked not by the media or the LGBT community, who were pretty lenient when the case was taken to court, but from Christians who did not support Kim Davis. The negative responses from Christians was interesting to me because most of us have heard of the Christian cake bakers being sued out of business, the Christian wedding photographer not diversifying their portfolio, and the Christian venue owners closing their doors. Christians were not okay with this and commended them for standing for the faith. But the county clerk going to jail? That lady should pay the price for “not doing her job”? Really?

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Patrina Mosley servers as the Young Women for America Regional Coordinator under Concerned Women for America and holds a Specialization in Biblical Studies and a M.A. in Public Policy from Liberty University.

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