Religious Persecution Reaching a Dangerous State In Mexico


Concerns are being raised about the Mexican government’s ability to protect religious minorities from persecution, especially in the rural areas of the country.

International Christian Concern says it has learned that a local villager in the Mexican state of Oaxaca has been jailed and released on three different occasions since July for refusing to recant his Christian beliefs. ICC’s advocacy manager Jennifer Salcido tells OneNewsNow that dozens of similar cases have arisen in various southern Mexican states in recent years. She explains why this is happening in rural villages.

“The community practices a blend of Catholicism and the pagan rituals from their ancestors,” she explains. “So it becomes a problem, an issue, when some community members convert to Protestantism and no longer want to partake in some of the pagan rituals that the village community celebrates.”


According to Salcido, it appears the Mexican government is indifferent to the situation.


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Bill Bumpas

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