Dean of Morehouse School of Religion, Dr. Rev. F. Keith Slaughter, Says ‘There Is Room for Farrakhan In the Black Church’

Dr. F. Keith Slaughter and the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan (Photo Source Dr. F. Keith Slaughter)
Dr. F. Keith Slaughter and the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan (Photo Source Dr. F. Keith Slaughter)

Dr. Rev. F. Keith Slaughter is the dean of the Morehouse School of Religion on the campus of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta. He is also the host of the popular talk radio program “The movement with Dr. F. Keith Slaughter” on WAOK. Slaughter had the privilege to host Min. Louis Farrakhan on his show and answered a few questions from rolling out about Farrakhan’s message and its impact when it comes to the Black Church.

By using the Koran and the Bible in his speeches, is Min. Louis Farrakhan an enemy of the Christian gospel?

Farrakhan carefully handles the biblical text … generally with more integrity than the average Christian preacher.

Is there room for his message in the Black church?

Yes. His message is consistent with the original and authentic message of liberation that began the Black church in the U.S. We must be reminded that the Black church began as a resistance movement to counterbalance the impact of the racist Christian church, which was/is rooted in White supremacy.

Why do you think there is a perception that the organized major Black church is afraid of his message? 

Because some colored Christians love White people and White Jesus so much that they allow White people to speak for them, meaning they assume the religious doctrine and social positions of Whites so that they [Whites] will be pleased with them [Negroes] … residual slave behavior …

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SOURCE: Rolling Out

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