Coloring Books for Grownups: A Fun New Way To De-Stress

© Provided by EnchantedForest_Cover
© Provided by EnchantedForest_Cover

Coloring’s not just for kids anymore. Since Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden was published in 2013, it’s sold more than 2 million copies—and jump-started the coloring craze among those past kindergarten. 

In addition to feeling like a kid again, there are mental health benefits that come with coloring in (or outside of) the lines. Studies have shown that art therapy, which includes activities like drawing or clay molding, may help with anxiety and stress associated with a cancer diagnosis, care-giving, and trauma. And thanks to its meditative qualities, coloring may help you relax and unwind from the stresses of your daily life by keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Pick up a set of colored pencils and get to work on one of these awesome adult coloring books.

1. For the dreamer

Get lost in Johanna Basford’s magical world with her follow-up coloring book to The Secret Garden. Filling in her intricate illustrations will offer you an escape from the real world and an outlet to unwind. Enchanted Forest ($10,

2. For the jetsetter

Before you set off on your next flight, grab a copy of this coloring book to entertain yourself during the journey. Even if you’re not currently heading to an exotic location, the images of beautiful international cities are bound to inspire your next itinerary, or at least keep you occupied when the overwhelming wanderlust kicks in. Fantastic Cities ($11,

3. For the yogi

Whether you’re already cool as a cucumber or still trying to find your inner zen, these meditative illustrations should help you color your way to chill. Color Me Calm ($12,

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Source: | Kristine Thomason

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