Christian Steel Worker Fired After Sharing His Faith, “Audacity” Movie With Lesbian Co-Workers

(PHOTO: GOFUNDME) Chris and Bekah Routson
Chris and Bekah Routson

A dedicated Christian steel worker in Ohio has been fired after he shared his faith and the faith-based movie “Audacity” with two lesbian co-workers, leaving a him, his wife and two kids without any income.

The employment of Precision Strip metal processing worker Chris Routson, who worked on the floor of Precision Strip’s plant in Middletown, Ohio, for the last 13 years, came to an abrupt end on Aug. 27 when he was terminated, without severance pay or unemployment, because his lesbian co-workers were uncomfortable with how he indiscriminately shared his faith with them.

Routson explained in an interview with The Christian Post that since he became a Christian about four years ago, he has made a custom of sharing his love for Jesus with all of his co-workers, no matter who they are.

But after Precision Strip hired a lesbian worker about a year ago, Routson knew that sooner or later the act of sharing his faith would come into question.

Upon the hiring of the lesbian woman, Routson didn’t immediately approach the woman to talk about his faith and prayed that God would eventually present him with the perfect opportunity to do so.

As the faith-based film “Audacity” was released this year to help show that many Christians love homosexual individuals despite not agreeing with their life choices, Routson felt compelled to share the Ray Comfort-produced film with his lesbian co-worker. One Saturday when he was at home, Routson sent a link of the film to his lesbian co-worker via a Facebook.

“The week [‘Audacity’] came out I shared it with her on her personal messages, and she was already my friend on Facebook, so it wasn’t like I forced it on her at all,” Routson said. “I just said, ‘Hey, check this out.'”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Samuel Smith

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