Muslim Extremists Torch Home of Pakistani Christian Family In Attempt to Burn Them Alive

The fire ravaged home
The fire ravaged home
The home of a Christian family was set ablaze by a violent mob in the capital of Pakistan on Thursday (September 10th 2015). Muslim extremists tried to burn alive the Christian family who resided in the home in order to gain the land and property said Boota Masih, owner of the house.  Despite witnesses to the attack and a written report having been submitted to the local police station, authorities  are still refusing to register a First Incident Report (FIR).

A large group of men and two women arrived at Boota’s house and started to bang on his door shouting for him to come out. When he got to the door he was surprised to see the number of people outside his door, the mob leader told him to vacate the house with his family or face severe consequences. The mob labelled him a trespasser in his own home.  Boota explained how he felt at this point, he said:
“I was terror stricken, the mob was threatening to kill me and my family.  They had weapons in their hands and started to brandish them before me.  I thought they would kill all of us.  I refused to leave my home – I had paid for it fairly and they had no right to ask me to leave.”
The mob become violent and brutally beat him with iron rods and sticks. They then locked the family in a room and set the room on fire.

“I broke the door down using all my strength, desperate to live and to save my family”  he said.  “Soon other local Christians came to rescue us, they put out the flames and called the fire brigade”.

Boota Masih, 38, purchased the small house of 2-1/2 marala from Ghulam Ali after paying 1 million Pak-rupees (£6200).  The sale was made on the basis of an oral agreement in the presence of few witnesses.  Boota got possession of the house and was living there with his wife Rubina and their six children. They had only been residing in the home a few months when this sudden attack took place and it is believed the ring leader was the wife of Ghulam Ali, the man who sold Boota the property.
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SOURCE: British Pakistani Christian Association
Wilson Chowdhry


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