Regina Napper Salutes Dozens for Service at ‘Making A Difference’ Awards

Regina Napper welcomes the audience to the awards ceremony.
Regina Napper welcomes the audience to the awards ceremony.

More than 80 community service and humanitarian awards were presented at the inaugural Regina Napper “Making a Difference” Honors Ceremony on August 8 at the Torrance Marriott. 

The event recognized individuals and organizations who aid the homeless and hungry, foster children, victims of human trafficking, single parents, and provide health and mental health services. Also, many educators, members of the U.S. Military, firemen, police officers, support groups, and churches were saluted as well as Resident Advisory Councils and Resident Management Corporations from several Public Housing Developments in Los Angeles.

Regina Renee Napper, who founded the event, said, “It was put on my heart to acknowledge and honor people and organizations who are doing great work on behalf of those in need, but who may not be recognized in the world at large.”

Mrs. Napper and a committee selected nearly 100 organizations and individuals to receive the awards. For many, it was the first time they ever received public recognition for their work.

Naomi Haywood of the National African-American Parent Union said that she was “in tears” when she received word that she was going to receive a certificate from the Mayor of Los Angeles. She also said she was “honored and overwhelmed” by the recognition.

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Source: LA Sentinel

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