Amazon Fires Back at Apple With New Amazon Fire TV


A week after Apple TV unveiled its new 4th generation Apple TV, Amazon has fired back with the announcement of a new revamped Amazon Fire TV. 4K TV owners rejoice, while Apple chose to omit 4K support on the new Apple TV, Amazon is embracing it with open arms. The Amazon Fire TV will have full 4K support and Amazon will make all of its originally produced programs available in 4K. Finally more content for those fancy high-resolution TVs.

The other big feature is the inclusion of Alexa, Amazon’s brain behind the Echo will take commands via the Amazon Fire TV remote. Just tell her what, or who you want to watch, or just ask her to play music, check sports scores, glimpse the weather, and more.

The new Amazon Fire TV will retail for $99.99 which makes it $50 cheaper than the new Apple TV. For $139.99 you can get the Fire TV Gaming Edition, which includes a controller and will still come in slightly less than the Apple TV. Amazon is now accepting pre-orders and will release the new Fire TV on October 5th.


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