Pastor, Author Rick Warren Praises ‘Captive’ Film Saying ‘God Shows Up to Hopeless People, In Hopeless Situations’


Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren in a new promotional video for the film “Captive,” releasing worldwide Friday, praised the movie as “captivating” and portraying how God shows up in hopeless situations.

“You got a murderer and you’ve got a meth addict, and out of two very hopeless situations God shows up,” said Warren in the promotional video.

Rick Warren’s most famous book, The Purpose Driven Life, plays a central role in the life of the main character, Ashley Smith, a former Atlanta meth addict who was held hostage by a crazed murderer in 2005. The Purpose Driven Life was given to Ashley in the beginning of the film and she ends up reading the book to her captor while he was holding her hostage, and she later gives her life to Christ.

The film “Captive” is based on this true story of how God worked in the life of Ashley Smith and murderer Brian Nichols.

The character Ashley Smith is played by Netflix’s “House of Cards” star Kata Mara, while murderer Brian Nichols is played by “Selma” star David Oyelowo.

“‘Captive’ is a fascinating story of two personalities in direct conflict in the most high pressure situation that you could imagine,” said Warren in the promotional video. “It’s gripping. It takes you on this journey. And even though you know how the story is going to end, you don’t know all of the details of it.”

The bestselling author and megachurch pastor adds, “The message of Purpose Driven Life comes through not just in the book, it came through in [Ashley Smith’s] life.”


SOURCE: The Christian Post – Vincent Funaro

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