Man Arrested for Beheading his Mother

Matthew Skalitzky. (Credit: Dane County Sheriff)
Matthew Skalitzky. (Credit: Dane County Sheriff)

A Wisconsin man is under arrest, suspected of beheading his mother with a four-foot sword blade, according to published reports.

Matthew Skalitzky, 40, was arrested on Friday afternoon in the town of Sun Prairie and is the suspect in the death of his mother, Jane, 68.

Details of the brutal slaying emerged in court documents released on Wednesday.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Matthew’s father, Joseph Skalitzky told police his son had stopped taking his prescription medication after reading about negative side effects. However, he had started taking them again a few days before his mother’s death.

Jane Skalitzky, 68, had driven her son to a home where he sometimes stayed, after Matthew had spent the night and had breakfast with his mom and dad on Friday morning.

A roommate told police that Jane and Matthew went upstairs and a few minutes later, the witness said he heard Mrs. Skalitzky scream, the State Journal reported.

When he went upstairs, the roomate said Matthew was holding the sword and standing over his mother’s decapitated body.

Matthew then handed the sword to the witness, who then left the home to call 911, according to police.

Officers arrived and took Skalitzky into custody.

Skalitzky reportedly told officers that Jane Skalitzky was not his “real mother.” A family friend told ABC 27 News that Jane Skalitzky was Matthew Skalitzky’s adoptive mother.

According to the State Journal, Jane Skalitzky retired after a 30-year career as a special education teacher in the Sun Prairie School District.

Matthew Skalitzky is being held in a secure mental health facility, police said.


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