Wives of Longtime Southern Baptist Leaders Share How Christian Wives Can Feel Safe In Their Marriages Amid an Adulterous Culture

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Amid news of men, women and families being thrust into the shadow of the Ashley Madison adultery website hacking, Baptist Press asked the wives of a few longtime Southern Baptist leaders how Christian wives can feel safe in their marriages.

Carol Ann Draper, Jodi Chapman and Janet Vines expressed gratitude for their husbands and discussed how the Lord has strengthened their marriages through challenges along the way. Tony Rose, a Kentucky pastor with years of pastoral care experience, also offered some reasons why wives of godly men can feel secure despite today’s adultery-ridden culture.

“The thing that makes me feel secure is first of all just knowing God and knowing that God put us together,” said Draper, whose husband Jimmy Draper was president of the Southern Baptist Convention from 1983-84 and, later, president of LifeWay Christian Resources. “We were 18 and 20 when we married, and so we literally were growing up together and we had no one else to depend on except each other.”

Draper realizes, though, that in many homes the trust has been broken, and in every home Satan wants to plant seeds of doubt. She can recall times when news of divorce or something in the culture was an occasion for her to wonder, “What if?”

“‘What if?’ is always Satan’s territory [to] get me to doubt my faith in God and my trust in my husband,” Draper told BP. “When I begin to doubt as a wife, I think that begins to place a wedge between me and my husband.”

What helped her in those times, Draper said, was that she never had any reason to languish in fear. She recounted a time when a young woman with many problems was seeking frequent counsel from her husband, who was in the pastorate at the time.

“One night I just told him, ‘I’m concerned about her coming so much because I think you’re just infatuated with her attention,'” Carol Ann Draper said. “He said, ‘This will be taken care of and come to an end immediately,’ and it did.”

Draper believes it was simply a case of her husband wanting to encourage a woman who did not have the spiritually mature husband she was seeking, but it helped him realize a pastor doesn’t need to counsel a woman without someone else present.

To help strengthen marriages, Draper recommended wives “polish up first love.”

“Give him a hug, give him a kiss, tell him how wonderful it is that he’s come home — because we can just start taking that for granted, and our first love begins to get tarnished and spotted, and it loses its enthusiasm and its glow,” Draper said.

Prayer provides powerful assurance, she said. “If we women will pray, then God will give us the peace in our hearts of knowing that our man is who we think he is and we won’t be surprised that he is a godly man and that he wouldn’t do something like that,” Draper said.


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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Erin Roach

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