Rutgers Head Football Coach Kyle Flood Suspended Three Games, Fined $50,000 For Trying to Get a Player’s Grade Changed

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Rutgers suspended head football coach Kyle Flood three games and fined him $50,000 Wednesday for improper contact with a university faculty member, a person with direct knowledge of the matter confirmed to USA TODAY Sports.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

The Rutgers University Office of Ethics and Compliance, with the assistance of outside counsel, investigated Flood for an email he allegedly sent to a Mason Gross part-time lecturer inquiring about a grade for Nadir Barnwell, who was known to be in danger of being ruled academically ineligible.

The specific rules Flood violated are spelled out in the school’s compliance guide.

“I know Coach Flood understands the severity of his transgressions and I am fully supportive of President (Robert) Barchi’s decision to impose a suspension and a significant fine,” said Julie Hermann, Rutgers’ athletic director.

“All of us must use this as an opportunity to grow as coaches, administrators and staff. We have been in the process of instituting additional compliance training as it relates to University policies on athletic-faculty communication and continue to enhance our documentation of all compliance-related meetings.”

Hermann appointed assistant coach Norries Wilson as the Scarlet Knights’ head coach during Flood’s suspension.

Flood mostly went about business as usual Wednesday, coaching the team’s morning practice and walking off the field by himself. He walked into the Hale Center side-by-side with assistant head coach Norries Wilson.

Flood initially defended his interactions with faculty, but he mostly respected the school’s orders that he not comment on the ongoing investigation thereafter.

“Any correspondence that I had with a professor in regards to a student-athlete would really be of this nature: One, to be in support of whatever decision that faculty member made,” Flood said.

“And two, to inquire as to whether or not there would be an opportunity to earn a better grade. This practice is not unusual at Rutgers. Many students all over campus receive what are called ‘T grades’ — doing work outside of when the class ends that semester to earn a better grade.”

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SOURCE: USA Today Sports

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