Woman in New York Caught on Camera Punching 10-Year-Old Boy

Image from video surveillance of the woman approaching the 10-year-old  NBC 4 SCREENSHOT
Image from video surveillance of the woman approaching the 10-year-old

The New York City Police Department is using surveillance-video footage to look for a woman who allegedly punched a 10-year-old boy after an argument about manners, Fox 5 NY reports.

According to the report, the woman punched the boy in a Bronx deli, owned by the child’s father, after reprimanding the boy about not being courteous to another person in the store.

“A lady punched me in my nose and I was bleeding,” the 10-year-old, identified as Mohammed Almontsir, told NBC 4. “I was backing up like this. … She punched me in the nose. My nose was hurting and I was scared.”

The boy’s father was outside when he was struck. According to the father, the boy later said that he had been “making faces” at the woman during the Aug. 19 incident.

In the footage, the woman turns around when the young boy appears to say something to her and goes to approach him but is held back by a friend. The woman then pushes past her friend’s arm and goes closer to Mohammed with her fist balled up, gesturing angrily.

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Source: The Root | BREANNA EDWARDS

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  1. It is good they have the video because the action is inexcusable and I am sure we will never see a video of a 10 year old punching out an adult so this is all good in the long run. Justice will prevail I am sure. Right? Hope so!

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