Rev. Jesse Jackson Announces Expansion of Rainbow Push Coalition

Jesse Jackson (left) and Sen. Karl Allen (right) spoke at the
Jesse Jackson (left) and Sen. Karl Allen (right) spoke at the

In a press conference, Jesse Jackson told community leaders and media that he plans to expand his organization, the Rainbow Push Coalition.

Jackson spoke with Sen. Karl Allen at the Springfield Baptist Church Tuesday morning.

He talked about wanting a black and white coalition to work together to make healthcare and education more affordable and to make voter registration automatic as soon as anyone turns 18.

“A million South Carolinians are being denied access to medical care. A million people need the healthcare, need the access, need the affordable healthcare and need the jobs,” Jackson said. “One of our missions is to bring together a massive coalition of conscience between citizens, white and black, who must find common ground. If you’re without healthcare, whatever your race may be, you’re in the same predicament.”

Jackson said there are still not equal rights for black people.

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Source: WYFF | Aly Myles

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