WATCH: Elon Musk Wants to ‘Drop Thermonuclear Weapons’ on Mars — Like a ‘Supervillain’


Stephen Colbert has made up his mind on Elon Musk. The businessman and inventor isn’t one of the good guys.

Musk was a guest on Colbert’s second episode of CBS’s “Late Show” on Wednesday when the talk show host mentioned that some call the entrepreneur “the real life Tony Stark” (Iron Man’s real identity).

The businessman has a hand in several programs and products meant to “do good things,” as Musk referred to them.

“But you’re trying to good things and you’re a billionaire,” Colbert pointed out. “That seems like you’re either a superhero or supervillian. You have to choose one.”

“I try to do useful things,” Musk said, avoiding answering the question.

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SOURCE: Business Insider, Jethro Nededog

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