WATCH: North Carolina Police Officer Talks Man Out of Committing Suicide On Bridge, Then Gives him a Hug


Powerful video captured on a North Carolina Department of Transportation camera shows a Raleigh police officer’s act of compassion Wednesday.

Police got a call just after 7 p.m. that a man was hanging over the edge of a bridge on the Beltline over Wade Avenue. The man was in distress and needed help.

Authorities said an off-duty officer on his way home stopped and reached out to the man in an effort to develop a rapport with him.

After some time, the man agreed to come off the bridge. That’s when the officer hugged him for quite some time. The officer then walked the man back to a car.

This story serves as a reminder that there is help out there for those that feel hopeless.

Here’s a list of Virginia crisis centers:

Click here for more.

SOURCE: WRIC/WTVD – Emily Satchell

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