Family Research Council President Tony Perkins Releases New Book, “No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth”

No Fear

Today, followers of Jesus Christ face more opposition to their beliefs than any generation in American history. Stories of religious freedom coming under assault are regularly in the news. Yet even in such a hostile cultural and political environment, it is an exciting time to stand firm in the faith.

In No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth, published by WaterBrook Press, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins combines Biblical instruction with 11 remarkable true stories of young people who have a taken a stand for Biblical truth. “I wrote No Fear to inspire a new generation of followers of Jesus Christ to be bold in living out their Christian faith in the face of intense spiritual, cultural and political opposition,” Perkins says.

From the beginning of human history, God has chosen a variety of unlikely heroes who refused to bow down to anyone but the one true God and No Fear introduces a new generation of like-minded heroes, including:

  • Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon bakers who chose not to create a same-sex wedding cake and were fined $135,000.
  • Lila Rose, a UCLA student who—despite death threats, lawsuits and efforts to publicly humiliate her—took on the nation’s largest abortion provider.
  • Sixteen-year-old Chad Farnan, who, after growing weary of sitting through the anti-Christian rants of his history teacher, engaged his constitutional rights and filed a lawsuit against his teacher for violating the Establishment Clause by promoting hostility toward Christians in class and advocating irreligion over religion.
  • Ryan Bomberger, who launched a campaign to decrease abortions in his black community only to find himself being sued by the NAACP.

No Fear will encourage and challenge readers to live out their faith with the same kind of courage as these young heroes and be a shining light in a secularized culture.

SOURCE: Charisma News


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