Texas Mother Accused of Leaving her Children at Fire Station says, ‘Allegations Were Made Up’

Jasmine Jones KPRC
Jasmine Jones

A Texas mom who is accused of abandoning her children at a fire station says that was never her intention and that the allegations against her are “made up,” WSBTV reports.

Jasmine Jones, 22, the mother in question, reportedly dropped off her boys, ages 9 months and 3 years, at Houston Fire Station 73 Monday. Officials say that she said she was leaving the children there because their father wasn’t helping to care for them. Firefighters said a man was heard shouting at Jones but did not come near the station. Assistant County Attorney Tiffany Reedy said that both parents were present when the children were reportedly surrendered.

Because the children are older than 60 days, Texas’ “Baby Moses” law, which allows parents unable to care for their children to surrender them at a fire station, does not apply.

The boys are now in the custody of the state and will be placed in foster care as there are no suitable close relatives, according to news station KPRC-TV.

Jones said the children were sick and that she was just trying to get help for them, not give them up.

“That’s all we were trying to do, help our kids out,” Jones told KPRC. “These allegations were made up.”

“We were just trying to get them help with their asthma,” she said. “They’re kids, they’re babies, and they had an asthma attack.”

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Source: The Root | BREANNA EDWARDS

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