Illinois Police Hit Dead End in Investigation Into Murder of Lt. Charles Gliniewicz

Lt. Charles 'Joe' Gliniewicz
Lt. Charles ‘Joe’ Gliniewicz

Illinois police hit another roadblock Tuesday as their investigation into the murder of Lt. Charles “Joe” Gliniewicz hit the one week mark.

Three individuals seen on security footage around the time Gliniewicz was killed in Fox Lake, and who were seen near the area he was found dead, have been ruled out as suspects. The trio fit the description of three people Gliniewicz said he was chasing during his last radio transmission – one black male and two white males.

But Lake County Major Crime Task Force Commander George Filenko said Tuesday that his team had located the three people seen in a resident’s home security footage, interviewed them and confirmed they were not involved.

“We have not only human confirmation, but we have receipts and things like that to show where they were that were time-stamped,” Filenko said during a demure news conference.

However Filenko did reveal that cops were looking at DNA evidence obtained at the scene from “an unknown donor.” Filenko wouldn’t say what type of a DNA sample was found, noting only that it was a “DNA transfer.” He gave a vague description of where it was located.

“It was in contact with evidence from the crime scene that was relevant to the lieutenant,” said Filenko, adding that police are confident it’s not from emergency personnel who responded to the scene of Gliniewicz’s death.

Filenko said investigators have swabbed everyone who has been interviewed since the investigation began for DNA samples.

“We heavily rely on forensic evidence,” he said.

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SOURCE: Fox News

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