Pat Robertson Says Jailing of Kim Davis Is “Just the Beginning, It’s the Warmup of This Battle”


Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson has said that the jailing of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples is “just the beginning.”

On a recent episode of the Christian Broadcasting Network program “The 700 Club,” Robertson stated that he believed more efforts to imprison critics of homosexuality would arise.

“So this whole thing is — putting her in jail and so forth — is nonsense. But it will happen and it’s just the beginning, it’s the warmup of this battle,” said Robertson.

“The gays do not just want to be recognized, they do not want to be accepted, they do not want to have just freedom, they want everybody to agree with them and everybody who doesn’t agree with them and does not comport with their way of thinking, they want to be punished, put in jail, or fined.”


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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Michael Gryboski

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